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ZetaTalk: Body Senses
Note: writen during the November 09, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

As we have stated, a walk-in, or possession, occurs when the soul of incarnated in a human body wishes to leave. The soul is in fact departing, planning suicide, and thus it is not a matter of arguing with the soul. Where another spirit wishes to possess the body, whether this spirit is Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self, an immediate conference is called with all parties in attendance. This is a spiritual conference, so the human body, the brain and memory, is not a party. Where a suicidal human is incarnated with a spirit that wants out of the incarnation, there was no argument before, but as a result of the spiritual conference and agreement to allow a walk-in or possession, this changes. The human finds they suddenly have a change of heart, feel differently, see new solutions or avenues to address their problem that they had not considered before. Thus, rather than pick up the gun or jump off the bridge, they take long walks and mull matters over. To the human body, under the influence of its incarnated spirit for the duration of its existence, this may feel like a spiritual change that they can't explain. Some may call it a type of death bed conversion, where upon contemplating death, they saw how beautiful life was! Most find their ability to consider others, not just the self, in the case of a walk-in by a highly developed Service-to-Others, makes their relationships with other humans flourish! They thus have additional reasons to choose life, and ascribe their new relationships correctly to their new approach to dealing with others.

In the case of a possession, the human agreed to allow a highly Service-to-Self spirit incarnate in the body they wished to leave. The soul incarnated in that human, closely allied with the human and influencing the human body during the lifetime, must have leaned toward the Service-to-Self orientation for this to develop. It does not happen that a human becomes Service-to-Self while the spirit is pulling toward Service-to-Others. Thus, the human in a possession by a Service-to-Self likewise finds they have renewed energy, but toward a different agenda. Where the walk-in found themselves more concerned about others, and less obsessed with problems in their personal life, the possessed human finds they have new ideas on how to torment and exact revenge against those resented in their life. They conclude little, taking no time to ponder the change, but proceed with the practice of horrifying the family concerned with ending the possession. Since possessions are always short lived, in that highly Service-to-Self spirits find 3rd Density living too restrictive, the human is shortly returned to the original spirit. Finding a lack of ideas, a lack of energy and determination to continue the games that had been enjoyed, all including the human recently possessed fall back into their familiar patterns.

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