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ZetaTalk: Conspiracies

Note: written on Feb 15, 1997

Conspiracies are integral to all 3rd Density existence, as it is natural for intelligent species to attempt to mold the world around them to their liking. A conspiracy is simply a manipulation of the world done in a covert manner, rather than an open attempt to manipulate. In this the 3rd Density entity is attempting to better their chances at success, since those upon whom the conspiracy is foisted are not aware that a manipulation is underway. Humans often assume that a conspiracy needs certain components such as smoke filled back rooms and encrypted communications, but conspiracies take place in such humble places as the family kitchen or the school yard where youngsters play. A wink and a whisper are all that is required, and a conspiracy is in process!

Conspiracies exist in human society, as in all 3rd Density societies where entities are sorting out their orientation to be either Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other, as they are an extension of the desire to manipulate others. Wanting to take a larger share, or wanting to conceal actions that one would be punished for, or wanting to foist a pretense upon others - all these desires lead to conspiracies. Grand conspiracies that get recorded in history books are rare, but the conspiratorial process is common, a daily affair for most humans, in fact. Conspiracies succeed on the small scale, and encourage those who lean strongly in the Service-to-Self orientation to try them on a larger scale. How successful have they been? Secrets of interest worldwide to all peoples have been kept, for decades, even when known by a large number of individuals who would just love to tell the truth. Examples of the success of such conspiracies are:

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