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ZetaTalk: Auras

Note: written on Aug 15, 1995

Auras exist, and some humans can see them as their eyes are sensitive enough to detect a form of light ray which is always there but not seen by most. Auras do not represent the spirit, but are an emanation, or byproduct, of the human body as a furnace, maintaining 98.6 degrees. As with other byproducts of the body, such as urine or feces or sweat or breath, the aura can tell a practitioner a lot about the mental and physical health of a person. Auras are normally pale blue, when viewed by humans, but vary all over the color spectrum and change shape, compressing close around the body or wafting out with tendrils. We, the Zetas, see human auras regularly, as well as those of ourselves, and were we not highly telepathic with one another would use this to read the well-being and mood of another, just as humans use the expression on the face of another human.

Some human healers use their own aura and the aura of the patient to heal. When auras touch, they affect each other as they wrap back into the bodies. This is truly a means for one human to breath life into another, to alter a sick aura by sharing, to take some of the sick aura into oneself and absorb it. Like breathing air into another's lungs, one is using one's strength, one's reserves, to help another, without permanent harm to the giver.

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