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ZetaTalk: Star Seeded
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Mankind arose from a combination of sources, and the earth was one. As there is tremendous variation on the environments found through the Universe, in any genetic engineering project the engineers find it most profitable to use, as a base, a species native to the planet. The species in this case was a form of ape no longer in existence on Earth. Anthropologists searching for this missing link have not found it, as this ape was chosen not for its wide range but for its suitability.

Having a suitable base, several experiments were tried. Through genetic engineering, the intelligence and dexterity of this ape was increased. The bi-pedal stance was encouraged. When we say experiments, we are speaking of the stage where the product was re-introduced to the Earth, having been residing in labs. The product of genetic engineering then either survived and flourished or died out for some reason. More often than not, the product expired. Some of the aggression and violence we now seek to diminish, for 4th Density existence, were necessary for the product to survive on Earth at that time. This step was repeated many times, on different places on Earth, and this formed the basis for the various races of mankind you see today.

When mankind was genetically engineered, this was under the direction of the Council of Worlds at all times, and at no time was the intent for mankind to be slaves of another intelligent life form. Of course, having created mankind, various groups had as their agenda to do just that. We are saying that the mission was not slavery, but some who knew of the product came back to Earth to attempt to muscle in on new territory. This has occurred here and there, with one group or the other, but all were fleeting occurrences and all were stopped shortly after the campaign developed.

Both the Koran and Bible attempted to explain this among other things to mankind, most of which was misunderstood. Therefore, dwell not on the Koran or the Bible when looking for the true history of mankind's birth.

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