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ZetaTalk: Walk- in
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

A walk-in is where a naturally evolved Earth entity vacates its human body and then an entity from another world enters, incarnating. When a walk-in takes place, it is not because the entity has left temporarily, but, like death, has left permanently. This occurs when the entity essentially wishes to commit suicide, and would do so if the walk-in were not allowed. The spirit guides are aware of this, conferences take place, and all is agreed. Since this changes the nature of the incarnation agreement, it is like an amended incarnation agreement, terminating the incarnation for one entity, but instituting this for another. Walk-ins are very rare, although they get a lot of press. Possessions are one such instance, and exorcism is where the original entity is persuaded to return. Another example of a walk-in is where there is extremely important work to be done, but the incarnated entity does not feel up to it. This occurs only where there had been conferences between the entity incarnated and the entity desiring to enter. Also present in these instances is a mission that both feel is important. However, if a human, being miserable, wishes to end his life and inadvertently gives The Call to the Service-to-Self crowd, he may be mis-informed as to the mission. The Service-to-Self crowd is not noted for truthfulness. One should not assume that disincarnate entities are waiting around for an opportunity to jump in, or that this would be allowed by the spirit guides, in any case. As we say, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Service-to-Self entities from other worlds rarely do walk-ins unless the stakes are high. The reason is simple. They don't give a darn about anything except themselves; they have more power and fluency in the higher densities; and in agreeing to a walk-in they are stuck in the human body until death can be arranged. Although suicide can end a walk-in, and often does when the walk-in has occurred by a Service-to-Self entity, the suicide itself involves pain that the entity would rather not experience. Walk- ins by those in the Service-to-Self should be looked for where humans in positions of authority begin acting strangely and reverse some prior decisions in a manner that would benefit those in the Service-to- Self. An example might be a judge ruling that oppression of an underclass should continue, an act that would cause elitism in the upper classes to increase and despair and hopelessness in the underclass to likewise increase. A walk-in by the Service-to-Self might be suspect in this case only if this is a change from the prior tone of rulings and this changed tone continues, affecting other aspects of the judge's life.

Note: added during the November 9, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

There is a misunderstanding about incarnations. The spirit has memories, from past lives, but when incarnating as a walk-in relies on the humans memories. The human, thus, experiences few new memories, unless the spirit is sharing conclusions or deja-vu feelings with the new human. The human left by the spirit does not feel a void of memories at all.

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