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ZetaTalk: Initiation Rite
Note: written on Apr 15, 1997

For many, the Awakening is just so much joking around about aliens and space ships until they are one of many seeing a mass sighting. Suddenly it’s up close and personal, and most particularly, no longer a joke. They’ve been initiated. They’re now one of those special people who can speak from experience, and with mass sightings, the supporting statements of others who shared the sighting make this experience one to broadcast, not shutter. Such sightings in the past were denied by the government and suppressed in the media, so that the populace learned to speak only in hushed whispers to others who shared the experience. But this time around the government is if anything adding fuel to the fire by simply denying that the objects were theirs, and the media is granting the mass sightings coverage like never before.

Thus the return of mass sightings is stepping up the Awakening process in many countries, as the reception by those excited by their recent initiation need not be contained. Personal experiences are talked about on the bus, in the lunchroom, and are so commonplace as to no longer raise an eyebrow. This new liberal attitude toward those with personal experiences to relate, the initiated, does more than encourage talk about new experiences, it frees those who have long been experiencers to speak out, often for the first time. Memories suppressed due to fear of the reception are suddenly open for recall, so more than recent experiences are being openly discussed. Thus a single mass sighting can ignite a community, setting up an open forum on the alien presence that can not be repressed once begun. The community itself has become initiated!

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