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ZetaTalk: Way of Explorers
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

A difficulty facing those who would have the cover on the alien presence lifted is how to let the truth out with less than a bang, how to say that formerly there were lies but today there is truth, how to avoid scrutiny for past lies and how to do all this while protecting the egos and reputations of the dozens of individuals who might be affected. One means is to have the messengers be popular and beloved, as the populace is then less prone to shoot the messenger. Another means is to create a buffer, where those who are now ostensibly talking can remain anonymous. And yet another means is to have the messenger be viewed as impeccable, a rock of integrity. The former astronauts, whom the pubic has no doubt were silenced, are the perfect messengers. Thus recent efforts by the astronauts to get the truth out should be taken seriously.

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