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Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

Human society, like all societies, has microcosms within microcosms - different groups with different viewpoints. Christians may belong to any one of a dozen or more churches, each of which may have liberal or conservative sections, and a liberal group in one such sector may not be the same as another liberal group just across town. During the Transformation, with increasing polarization of groups, these differences will only accentuate. How does the diversity within a society affect its Awakening? Surprisingly, diversity speeds an Awakening along, as there is less possibility of a single viewpoint becoming dominant. However, diversity creates discord, and in this respect differing opinions or stances on becoming a galactic citizen result in just as much discord as differing religious views or differing political affiliation or the gulf known as the generation gap.

Attitudes toward the Awakening, today, range from total denial to joyous embracing. Denial ranges from refusal to admit the possibility to educated skepticism. Those embracing the Awakening range from unquestioning acceptance, come what may, to selective affection and a hesitant handshake. Diversity will only increase, and concurrently discord will increase, as the Awakening proceeds.

Note: below written during the Jan 11, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

EuroSETI recently announced that it will be publicly screening some extraordinary satellite images gleaned by a Spanish-based team using two space-based satellites, images that are distinctly 'craft-like' in appearance, and which defy explanation. EuroSETI reports that NASA initially tried to explain the images away as pixel faults, passing meteors or asteroids, etc., but when a European-led consortium presented them with images that clearly were none of the aforementioned, they 'clamped up'.
Shift2003 Chat

As with the Clonaid attention in the major media, far outside the usual attention that alien hugging groups get, this is another example of various parts of the establishment hoping to open up the Transformation to get more assistance from aliens. There have been several competing and conflicting forces during the past few decades, since Roswell.

The Hug-Humans thrust
which states that aliens are evil, cannot be trusted, are out to colonize the Earth and eat or enslave mankind, and that only by resisting visitations and hugging your governing bodies, your military, your church, will you be safe.

The Hug-Aliens thrust
which states that the visitors are benign space brothers, here to help us during hard times, and if the Earth gets in a crunch such as a pole shift will lift all away to safety and some magical life on another planet or on a space ship.

The Hug-Reality thrust
which points to past pole shifts or current problems such as starvation and disease that mankind deals with, no rescue there, and the lack of a mass landing to colonize Earth, as evidence that neither Hug-Humans nor Hug-Aliens above are correct.

Enter the establishment, which is composed of the wealthy, powerful politicians, and church leaders, not all of whom are logical thinkers. It was known that Reagan, while President, consulted a psychic, and the odd behavior of many notaries would astonish the populace should the truth be known. Pressed to remain on Earth, no escape to Mars, and fearing their underground caverns not to be safe during violent earthquakes, the establishment is looking with horror toward the possibility of a pole shift. Might they have to experience it, like the public they have misled and used and had no intention of informing? Since the Earth changes have played out as we predicted, and the inbound planet is approaching in the manner and rate we predicted, many in the establishment are reading our words desperately for a way to avoid what they were so happy to allow the general public to experience. In other words, how can they escape! In that we have stated that if 89% of the populace were Service-to-Others, the Transformation to 4th Density physical could occur even before the shift, allowing an escape from the shift, this is one route. However, how to force the some 50% of the populace to accept this philosophy, when guided by those in the establishment who can't even entertain the proper concepts? Not feasible. Another, more likely, scenario, is to have the populace accept the alien presence, embrace it, and thus with aliens walking about on the face of the Earth, ignoring the plight of mankind would be embarrassing and they'd step in and effect a rescue, or so the logic goes.

Thus, you see groups Hug-Humans, and Hug-Aliens above, clashing. Clonaid gets on CNN, on Crossfire, where aliens have never been the focus before. Expect more entertainment as the shift approaches, from an increasingly desperate and shrill establishment. Images of space ships is not new, and NASA has endless images to access. A fight between tight allies, such as Spain and NASA are, is staged, with the intent that both parties, Hug-Humans and Hug-Aliens, would be happy.

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