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ZetaTalk: Alexander
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

Channeling in and of itself has an impact on the human allowing themselves to be a channel. They allow themselves to be used as an instrument, as a violin or piano is used by the conductor and musician to relay a composers work to the audience. Many hands play the violin or piano, in effect, but all have more control over the process than the instrument itself, or so it would seem. Yet if the piano is not tuned, it leaves its mark on what the audience hears, and if the violin can't sustain a rich and resonant sound, the audience misses what the composer intended. The instrument matters. When reading channeled material, the reader should bear this in mind, and look for the slant that may be there, the persistent theme that seems out of keeping with the bulk of the content. The work channeled for Alexander carries such a mark, though the channeler Alexander would say otherwise. If a channeled work seems to be in conflict with itself, then look to the channel, as perhaps the instrument is flawed.

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