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ZetaTalk: Why They Care
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

People are where it's at, here on Earth. Issues of the coming pole shift, of the ecology, of nuclear disarmament or how many years the Sun has until it burns itself out - all these are meaningless unless one considers mankind. Pole shifts and ecological disasters and nuclear disasters and dying suns occur often in this Universe, and no one notices because it affects no one. Why do we care, other than because we are living in your Solar System today and tomorrow, and because our hybrids are both your cousins and ours, and because your souls will be our future neighbors in the world we are both building? We care because we empathize with your situation, having been there ourselves, and have the rare opportunity, because of your call to us, to become directly involved with you - with the people of Earth.

We, the Zetas, cannot go back, as there have been adjustments to our physiology that would kill us if we returned. We are referring to what happens to physical bodies when their environment changes. You have some sense of this because of reports from your astronauts. After a brief space sojourn, they find their bones decalcified. Imagine what happens after decades away from the pull of a heavier gravity. Another point of comparison is what happens to deep sea divers when they return to the surface. If rising too quickly, after only a few hours at most, they get the bends and die horrible deaths. The body adapts, and must be given its allowance if the return trip is to be made. For us, the return trip is virtually impossible. It is much easier to lighten up than to strengthen. In many cases, to strengthen is impossible. As an example, some oldsters may wish to get into physical fitness, but find the changes they wish to impose on their bodies are no longer possible. Some journeys, undertaken, do not have a return route. For us, this was understood at the beginning.

We are all volunteers here on your Earth, as operating in the Service-to-Others mode we are not commanded. All work is voluntary. Do we miss our home planet? Of course we do, as you might imagine. Imagine yourselves, on another planet, in another galaxy, not ever seeing the flora and fauna familiar to you, not ever seeing the regular rising and setting of your beloved Sun and Moon, not hearing the chirping and singing of birds, the rustle of the leaves in the trees, or the taste of good wine and fresh fruit. Imagine living off rations, sleeping in cramped quarters with no view, with a task that will consume your entire lifetime. We are not only volunteers, we are extremely dedicated volunteers, as we all went in with our eyes open.

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