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ZetaTalk: East US Volcanoes

Written January 15, 2011

I spent some time researching volcanoes that have been active in the last 10,000 years and marling them on a globe. I noticed that there were none in the Eastern United States but there are some in the African Riff Valley. Can those of us in the Eastern United States expect new volcanoes to erupt when the New Madrid Rips? Implications are obvious since one or more volcanoes in what is now the northern part of the rip will send ash in the westerlies down the entire Appalachian chain.

No volcanoes will emerge or erupt in the Appalachian chain, either during the pole shift or in the events leading up to the pole shift. Why would the African Rift Valley have volcanoes, when it pulls apart, but not the southeast US? It is both the degree of rip and proximity to the plate border that determine this. In Africa, the plate is hung up at the Read Sea, snagged there such that the parts of the plate that fall below this point must tear away. This causes a greater thinning of the plate along the long rift, which starts at that point. The Appalachian chain is centered in the plate, so that as the stretch pulls down the plate as a whole along its eastern side, there is not a tear but a lowering action. Thus, no volcanoes.

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