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ZetaTalk: Cut Off

Written November 13, 2010

Can we expect a sudden cut-off from ZT-info (chat)? When things heat up (7-8-9/10 etc) landlines and satellite communication might be destroyed and thus no updated ZetaTalk. No Internet. Is this likely to happen do you think? Or will Internet still be there even during and after the PS?

We have stated that total satellite failure can be expected as the last weeks approach, with increasing failure up until that point. Certainly, during the last weeks, the 9 of 10, total failure can be expected. Prior to this time electromagnetic surge and pulse will affect clear communication via satellite, and cell phone usage. This leaves land lines as a route for communication, for the Internet, for phone lines, and for cable news. Static from rock under compression disrupts even these, however. It will be a matter of diminishing capacity, and will certainly start during the 7 of 10 scenarios. Nancy and others have taken extraordinary steps to provide mirror site services to the existing ZetaTalk and survival information, on several continents and at several sites per continent in many cases. When land lines drop from being torn by moving plates, especially between continents, this will help people access the existing pool of knowledge. In the future communication by short wave will be assisted for Service-to-Other communities, and as time passes and these communities become dominant and flourish, there will be other assists from aliens in the Service-to-Other.

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